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iPhone 3GS tethered unlock

If we have unlocked your iPhone 3GS (onto the 6.1.3 operating system. If not sure, contact us to make sure) and you have either turned it off, battery ran out (make sure you have charged it again before attempting this recovery) or something like that, and you are now trying to get your iPhone working again please follow these steps:


Ensure you are running the latest version of iTunes and that your computer is up to date with all major windows updates.


Download and unzip this file to your computer (click on the link)



Then download the file which can be found here;,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw


(just copy and paste the link into your browser. You will also need to change the file extension from zip to ipsw).


Once you have both files ready, follow these steps:


Open redsn0w (by double clicking on it)


Clck Extras


Select IPSW and navigate to the downloaded file


Then select Just Boot and you probably have the New Model (when it asks). Your iphone should be switched off at this point. Then just follow the prompts on the software. It may take you a couple of attempts to get used to the process but it's easy once you know how!


If you get stuck at any point it is easy to start again: just hold the power button and the home button down at the same time and after a minute or so your iPhone will reboot. You will still have to go through the process above again in order to make calls though.


Ocasionally you might get the following error:   Missing keys.plist

If so, open redsn0w

select Extra

select the IPSW file again

then select Recovery Fix (the option is only selectable when the iPhone is off)